Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You want markers, I want markers, We all want Markers!!

Question?: Would you like to own the complete set of Stampin' Up! Write markers but can't spend the $125.95 all at once?

Answer: Join my Stampin' Write Marker Club and spread your purchase out over 4 months while at the same time building up your card stock stash and even your stamps. I am joining myself as the last of the 4 clubers (my husband would shoot me if he found out I bought the entire set at once). I need at least 3 more people to get a club started and will run as many clubs as I can get filled.

Here are the details:

Stampin’ Write Marker Club

Does your Stampin’ Up! ® “Wish List” include the 48 Stampin’ Write Markers with the storage case? You can purchase the entire set over a four-month period and get free Stampin’ Up! Merchandise at the same time.

The marker club will consist of four members and run for a total of four months. Each of you will be the hostess one time during the club cycle. The hostess month is determined on a first-come, first-served basis, so whomever signs up first gets to be the first hostess, etc. The hostess for that month will get at least $15 in free SU merchandise plus one free Level 1 stamp set. You may add other supplies to your order to increase your hostess benefits.

Each Month
- One color family (that’s 12) of the Stampin’ Up! Markers.
- One pack of coordinating 8 ½ x 11 cardstock.

Hostess Month:
- All the above, and:
- Stampin’ Up! Markers Plastic Storage/Carrying Case
- $15 (minimum) in products from any current Stampin’ Up! Catalog.
- One, Level 1 (minimum) Hostess Gift from the current Stampin’ Up! Catalog.
- If you choose to gather outside orders or schedule a workshop when it’s your turn as hostess, you can get even more free merchandise.

- Payment will be due to me by the end of each month. You may pay by check, credit card, or PayPal. You will have your product by the 10th of the following month.
- The cost for participating in the marker club is $44.95 per month (this includes tax and shipping).
- By signing up, you will commit to participate in all four months.

At the end of four months, each member will have a complete set of markers with the storage case, a Level 1 stamp set and at least $15 in free merchandise.

The Marker Club begins when I have at least 4 participants. Email or call me to sign up.

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