Monday, October 19, 2009


Hello All.........
Just posting a note to let anyone who visits my blog know that I am still around!!
I've been quite busy taking on a new job and working on my last semester.
I will have cards posting again soon, I promise!
Until then.....
Here is a little tip I would like to share:
When I make my cards, I keep a post-it pad handy. As I create, I list my stamps, papers, and embellishments on the post-it. Then I can put that post it on the inside of the card so the information is available when I finally get time to put the card in my gallery or on my blog.
If any of you are like me, you can't make a card, photograph it, and post it all in one sitting. This makes it easier to have all the details with the card.
Sometimes it is days before I can post a creation and this makes it easy and quick to get them posted since I don't have to chase down names, colors, stamps, etc.
That's all for now............please stay tuned!!
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