Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stamp Storage....

Happy Thursday everyone!

I just wanted to share a little idea/tip today with everyone on the storage of your cling mount rubber stamps............{ippity} in particular :)

A while back on the {ippity} blog, Maria had this ---> POST.

She showcased her storage for her {ippity} kits.

I immediately jumped on this one as I had not any set means of storage and really needed to get organized.....KWIM??

EZ Mount makes these great panels that work in conjunction with the cling mount and offer a great way to store your stamps.

I ended up getting mine HERE for $4.89/set of 5.

Google: Stamp N' Stor Lighweight Storage Panels.

There are many other places that offer these. I shopped around and got my best deal here.

(An even better deal would be this price, FREE shipping)

I get my white binders at Walmart - the 2" work perfect. You can fit a great deal of stamps in one binder!!

Below is what it looks like full.............

You can put stamps on the front and back if you like. Your choice!

Just thought I would share this with my viewers today.

Don't forget to check out the new (and old) {ippity} stamps

(The photos above are Maria's from her actual post on the Unity Opportunity Blog.)

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Moni said...

This is great idea! Hugs,moni

Patti J said...

Great idea - Thanks!

Gwen said...

Great ideas!