Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Changes for {ippity} - A SALE TOO!!

I'm VERY EXCITED to share with you 
the NEW YEAR CHANGES with {ippity} stamps by Unity! 

Starting this weekend....
 {ippity} will be available on the UNITY WEBSITE

All you have to do is CLICK ON MY PHOTO in the Chick Locator

 and BUY your favorite {ippity} stamps...
here is something even better.....
if you would like to add UNITY STAMPS to your order, NOW YOU CAN

Everything this weekend is 39% off in honor of Angela's birthday........

COUPON CODE:  ANG39  (all caps, no spaces)

You can buy BOTH UNITY and {ippity} at the SAME TIME
 and the order will NOW SHIP directly from Unity!!


 click on my photo in the locator and shop through me!!

Thank you in advance!

Here are the 5 {ippity} Itty Bitty January releases:

All of these are $6 (but remember any discount codes you have will work to take the prices down on both Unity and {ippity} stamps now...

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