Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wrinkled Rayon Ribbon!!

 I have been selling Wrinkled Rayon Ribbon in my Etsy Shop for a couple months now.
I love this stuff and find it hard not keeping it all to myself........ :)

I hand dye it myself.

You can make it less wrinkled by ironing it, or you can add more wrinkles by simply balling it up and putting it into a ziploc bag for a while. 

It is made from 100% rayon.

I just did up this batch of Red Velvet, Cream, and Shadow. I have more colors coming soon..........Pumpkin for the holidays is one!
I had a customer buy these three colors and when I put them together to package them up, I fell in love with the color combo!!
Should you be in the market for some of this yummy stuff, please stop by my shop and check it out.

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