Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Non-Stamping News Today - The Stanley Cup!!

A couple of non-stamping photos to share was the first day of school for my little man Garrett. The dog knew something was up today and would not leave his side. He managed to get in to every photo I took. There is quite a bond between a boy and his dog and I can't get over it. Too funny!
After school, it was time to head down and wait in a very long line (which is a good thing) to get the opportunity to see Jimmy Howard and the Stanley Cup!! I'm a hockey mom - Garrett has skated since he was three and my husband Mike is a die hard hockey fan too. Jimmy is one of the goalies for the Detroit Red Wings and today was his day of glory with the Cup. He chose to have a public reception and let anyone interested have a photo opportunity. The line was long and I think that's great!! He is super nice guy and it is very generous of him to share his big day!! He even took a couple of hours earlier and took the trophy into the local schools for a few small assemblies. This is the highest honor in the game of hockey and he shared it with his hometown!! He is a very humble guy and will be back with that cup again, I know it!! Thanks Jimmy!!

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Toni K (koolnkrafty) said...

Awesome! How exciting for your son, and you parents too! Jimmy played in our town for quite awhile, Grand Rapids. They're a farm team for Detroit! Don't you love being a hockey mom!